My Story


My mother died from lung cancer about fifteen years ago, but even after that it was not enough to stop me from smoking, even though everyone knew that is what killed her. As I have got older you could say that I have got a bit wiser, and so on my birthday last month I bought an e cig and started on the long road to try and give up.

Now I knew that it was not going to be easy, especially since I have been smoking for a few decades. It has however proved to be very difficult. Saying that, the e cig has really been helping me. I did try the patches but did not notice any benefit, so I reckon that part of the habit is having something in my hands and going through the natural process of actually smoking. This is probably why the electronic varieties have proven so successful.

Although I am still smoking real cigarettes, I have managed to get myself down from around 60 a day to 20. Weaning off these last ones will probably prove to be the hardest part mentally for me, but my willpower is now a lot stronger, and I will succeed.